Northern Colorado Regional Program

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A community-led force for social and economic justice across the state, the Colorado Progressive Coalition was born in 1996 in Greeley where it continues to fight for, build and win progressive change. Since 2007, The Northern Colorado office (NOCO) in Greeley has been forwarding that mission by organizing and building grassroots efforts to protect and bolster the rights of all people.

Formed, in part, as a respounce against anti-immigrant sentiment that surrounded the 2006 Swift raids, NOCO continues to fight with our members to win a better future for Colorado. In doing so, we provide best-practice training for victims of racial profiling by law enforcement, fight against Election Day suppression of Spanish-speaking voters by working to win equal language access in the voting process and anti-racial profiling legislation that is helping to create truly secure communities.

Our words are heard by speaking with one voice in Northern Colorado. That voice has helped us to secure strong statewide payday lending reforms and the vote of Congresswoman Betsy Markey to help bring about the Affordable Health Care for All Act at the national level.

Now our voice continues to increase in reach and intensity as we take on the “Big Banks” that our destroying our local communities while working to build a more progressive local government by holding our City Council and School Board members accountable. To get involved or to learn more about our exciting work in Greeley and Northern Colorado, contact Angela Sedillos, Northern Colorado Community Organizer, at angela@progressivecoalition.org!

CPC is a grassroots membership organization and we depend on your support to help us build power across the state. Please become a member today. Your contribution to CPC is tax-deductible. Thank you!

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